The best-scoring ML tree (-lnL = 27210.474) of the Rimosae s.s. and Inosperma clades, reconstructed from the concatenated ITS–nrLSU–mtSSU dataset. ML bootstraps (if ≥ 70) are presented above or in front of the branch leading to each node. Thick branches have maximum support (ML BS = 100). Subclade designations within sect. Rimosae s.s. follow Larsson et al. (2009) in the strict sense. Newly-described species are in boldface.

  Part of: Saba M, Haelewaters D, Pfister DH, Khalid AN (2020) New species of Pseudosperma (Agaricales, Inocybaceae) from Pakistan revealed by morphology and multi-locus phylogenetic reconstruction. MycoKeys 69: 1-31.