Morphology of Lepraria cryptovouauxii (A−C) and L. nothofagi (D). A Holotype (M. Kukwa 14848a) B Thallus with obscurely lobate margins (Flakus 14814) C Thallus with large and compacted aggregations of granules (Flakus 17682) D Details of thallus (Flakus 17651 & Rodriguez). Scale bars: 500 µm (A−C), 300 µm (D).

  Part of: Guzow-Krzemińska B, Jabłońska A, Flakus A, Rodriguez-Flakus P, Kosecka M, Kukwa M (2019) Phylogenetic placement of Lepraria cryptovouauxii sp. nov. (Lecanorales, Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota) with notes on other Lepraria species from South America. MycoKeys 53: 1-22.