Phylogenetic tree inferred from Bayesian analysis including 62 ITS sequences assigned to 31 Tuber taxa, including members of major clades of the genus. Sequences are labelled with Latin binomials, GenBank accession numbers and geographic origin. T. pulchrosporum sp. nov. is indicated in boldface. Reference sequences deriving from type material are underlined. Choiromyces alveolatus (Tuberaceae) was used as the outgroup. Bootstrap (BS) values from Maximum Likelihood (ML) analysis (≥ 70%) and Posterior Probabilities (PPs) from Bayesian Inference (≥ 0.95) are shown at the nodes of branches.

  Part of: Polemis E, Konstantinidis G, Fryssouli V, Slavova M, Tsampazis T, Nakkas V, Assyov B, Kaounas V, Zervakis GI (2019) Tuber pulchrosporum sp. nov., a black truffle of the Aestivum clade (Tuberaceae, Pezizales) from the Balkan peninsula. MycoKeys 47: 35-51.