Cantharellus luteopunctatus. a Field habit of the epitype (TH 10285) b details of younger basidiomata from specimen TH 9921, showing the gradual color change of the pileus going from pinkish brown in youngest stages to pale yellow in older stages because of the less dense squamulae; similar squamulae are present on the stipe surface. Composition based on photos by Terry Henkel and Todd Elliott c original watercolor of the holotype by Mme. Goossens-Fontana from Heinemann (1959), reproduced with the permission of Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium.

  Part of: Buyck B, Henkel TW, Hofstetter V (2019) Epitypification of the Central African Cantharellus densifolius and C. luteopunctatus allows for the recognition of two additional species. MycoKeys 49: 49-72.