Cantharellus densifolius. a Field habit of the epitype (BB 16.021), showing the areolate-squamose ochraceous orange pileus surface resulting from the concentrical disruption of a dark tomentum that covered initially the young pileus b Detail of the epitype hymenophore showing the remarkably low and thick, crowded, repeatedly forking gill folds without interstitial veination c Original watercolor of the holotype by Mme. Goossens-Fontana from Heinemann (1959), reproduced with the permission of Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium d Field habit of specimen BB 16.081 showing the variability of the pileus color within a single collection. Photos: B. Buyck.

  Part of: Buyck B, Henkel TW, Hofstetter V (2019) Epitypification of the Central African Cantharellus densifolius and C. luteopunctatus allows for the recognition of two additional species. MycoKeys 49: 49-72.