Aeminium ludgeri a Colony appearance on PDA b Colony appearance on MEA+10% NaCl (w/v) c Colony appearance on DG-18 d Colony appearance on PDA after maturation e Colony appearance on MEA+10% NaCl (w/v) after maturation f Colony appearance on DG-18 after maturation g Initial simple, branched, septate hyphae becoming toruloid-like (scale 20 μm) h Differentiated, toruloid-like hyphae and mature chains of arthroconidia (scale 50 μm) i Intercalary and terminal conidial chains (scale 20 μm); j typical aspect of arthroconidia (scale 20 μm)

  Part of: Trovão J, Tiago I, Soares F, Paiva DS, Mesquita N, Coelho C, Catarino L, Gil F, Portugal A (2019) Description of Aeminiaceae fam. nov., Aeminium gen. nov. and Aeminium ludgeri sp. nov. (Capnodiales), isolated from a biodeteriorated art-piece in the Old Cathedral of Coimbra, Portugal. MycoKeys 45: 57-73.