Bayesian 50% majority rule consensus tree based on an LSU/rpb2/ITS concatenated alignment, containing representative sequences from the order Capnodiales. The new strains are shown in bold. Bayesian posterior probabilities (BP) ≥ 0.95 are presented at the nodes. The tree was rooted to Parastagonospora nodorum CBS 110109. The scale bar specifies 0.2 expected changes per site.

  Part of: Trovão J, Tiago I, Soares F, Paiva DS, Mesquita N, Coelho C, Catarino L, Gil F, Portugal A (2019) Description of Aeminiaceae fam. nov., Aeminium gen. nov. and Aeminium ludgeri sp. nov. (Capnodiales), isolated from a biodeteriorated art-piece in the Old Cathedral of Coimbra, Portugal. MycoKeys 45: 57-73.