Macro-morphological characteristics of the Psathyrella basidiomes: scales of velar origin on pilei tops and margins, and beige-coloured gills (A); cylindrical, white and exannulate stems under a lateral profile (B); colour-shading of a cap hygrophany and fibrillose details of velar-originated scales (C); gills turning brown-purplish with spore maturation and a fibrillose surface of a stem base (D); a pruinose stem apex bearing a mature hymenophore with white gill edge lines (E).

  Part of: Sicoli G, Passalacqua NG, De Giuseppe AB, Palermo AM, Pellegrino G (2019) A new species of Psathyrella (Psathyrellaceae, Agaricales) from Italy. MycoKeys 52: 89-102.