Phylogenetic tree inferred under the maximum-likelihood (ML) criterion from the ITS rDNA alignment corresponding the Stephanospora Clade III (i) dataset from Lebel et al. (2015). The tree was rooted using midpoint rooting. Numbers on the branches represent support values from 1,000 ML boostrap replicates. The branches are scaled in terms of the expected number of substitutions per site. Accession numbers in the sequence labels indicate sequences from GenBank.

  Part of: de la Fuente JI, Guevara-Guerrero G, Oros-Ortega I, Sánchez-Zavalegui R, Córdova-Lara I, García-Jiménez J (2019) Stephanospora mayana (Stephanosporaceae, Russulales), a new sequestrate fungus from Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. MycoKeys 48: 115-124.