Striatiguttula nypae (holotype MFLU 18–1576, paratype MFLU 18–1578). a–c Appearance of stromata on host surface d–f vertical section through a stroma g structure of peridium h structure of clypeus near the ostiole, composed of epidermoidea cells and host tissue i ostiole with periphyses j pseudoparaphyses k apex of the neck, with somewhat interwoven pale brown hyphae or setae l–o ascus p–s ascospores t ascospore in India ink and presenting a clear mucilaginous sheath u germinating ascospore v colony on PDA. Scale bars: 500 μm (a), 200 μm (b, c), 100 μm (d–f), 10 μm (g, p–s, u), 20 μm (h, i, l–o, t), 50 μm (k).

  Part of: Zhang S-N, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Jeewon R, Cheewangkoon R, Liu J-K (2019) Striatiguttulaceae, a new pleosporalean family to accommodate Longicorpus and Striatiguttula gen. nov. from palms. MycoKeys 49: 99-129.