Phylogenetic tree derived from maximum likelihood analysis of a combined ITS, LSU, and H3 genes of 28 sequences. Saksenaea vasiformis and S. erythrospora were used as outgroup. Numbers above branches are the bootstrap statistics percentages (left) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (right). Branches with bootstrap values ≥ 50% are shown at each branch and the bar represents 0.1 substitutions per nucleotide position. The fungal isolates from this study are in bold. Superscript T = type species.

  Part of: Khuna S, Suwannarach N, Kumla J, Meerak J, Nuangmek W, Kiatsiriroat T, Lumyong S (2019) Apophysomyces thailandensis (Mucorales, Mucoromycota), a new species isolated from soil in northern Thailand and its solubilization of non-soluble minerals. MycoKeys 45: 75-92.