Phylograms of supplementary barcodes. The nad6 phylogram is based on a 550 bp alignment, the 28S phylogram on a 680 bp alignment. The technical description is the same as for Figure 1. All Milesina specimens from Figure 1 were attempted to sequence for the supplementary barcodes. Only the shown specimens resulted in sequences. The non-Milesina species were altered depending on availability. No GenBank sequences were included and the genus Chrysomyxa was replaced by Pucciniastrum.

  Part of: Bubner B, Buchheit R, Friedrich F, Kummer V, Scholler M (2019) Species identification of European forest pathogens of the genus Milesina (Pucciniales) using urediniospore morphology and molecular barcoding including M. woodwardiana sp. nov. MycoKeys 48: 1-40.