Phylogenetic relationships within Gymnopus species inferred from the ITS sequence dataset by maximum likelihood method (ML). Tree with the highest log likelihood (-3619.93). Initial tree(s) for the heuristic search were obtained automatically by applying Neighbour-Joining and BioNJ algorithms to a matrix of pairwise distances estimated using the Maximum Composite Likelihood (MCL) approach and then selecting the topology with superior log likelihood value. The bootstrap values and Bayesian posterior probabilities (obtained after Bayesian inference) are indicated on the tree branches (BS/BPP). Sequences obtained in this study are in bold.

  Part of: C├ęsar E, Bandala VM, Montoya L, Ramos A (2018) A new Gymnopus species with rhizomorphs and its record as nesting material by birds (Tyrannidae) in the subtropical cloud forest from eastern Mexico. MycoKeys 42: 21-34.