Liberomyces pistaciae. a–d Cultures (aMEA, 6 weeks, 22 °C bCMD, 6 weeks, 22 °C cPDA, 3 weeks, 25 °C dPDA, 2 weeks, 25 °C) e Pycnidia produced on artificially inoculated sterilised pistachio twigs f–h Pycnidia in face view on MEAi Pycnidial wall in face view j–n Conidiophores and conidiogenous cells o–q Conidiogenous cells (o young p, q showing sympodial conidiation) r Conidia. All in water. Sources: a–c, f–r ex-holotype strain ISPaVe1958 = CBS 128196 d, e PV1= CPC 31292. Scale bars: 500 µm (e, f); 200 µm (g, h); 10 µm (i–l); 5 µm (m–r).

  Part of: Vitale S, Aiello D, Guarnaccia V, Luongo L, Galli M, Crous PW, Polizzi G, Belisario A, Voglmayr H (2018) Liberomyces pistaciae sp. nov., the causal agent of pistachio cankers and decline in Italy. MycoKeys 40: 29-51.