Phylogram of the best ML tree (-lnL = 12820.324) revealed by RAxML from an analysis of the combined ITS-rpb2-tub2 matrix of selected Xylariales, showing the phylogenetic position of Liberomyces pistaciae (bold) within Delonicicolaceae. The tree was rooted with two species of Diaporthales (Diaporthe limonicola, Juglanconis juglandina). ML and MP bootstrap support above 50% are given above the branches.

  Part of: Vitale S, Aiello D, Guarnaccia V, Luongo L, Galli M, Crous PW, Polizzi G, Belisario A, Voglmayr H (2018) Liberomyces pistaciae sp. nov., the causal agent of pistachio cankers and decline in Italy. MycoKeys 40: 29-51.