Symptoms caused by Liberomyces pistaciae on Pistacia vera in vivo. a Plant killed by canker on trunk b Twigs dieback c, d Shoots wilted on infected twig e Gum and cracking of the trunk f, g Internal tissue of trunk cankers h Gum exudation on branch i Internal dark discolouration in cross section of branch j Necrotic tissue in longitudinal section of twig k, l External and internal cankers on twigs.

  Part of: Vitale S, Aiello D, Guarnaccia V, Luongo L, Galli M, Crous PW, Polizzi G, Belisario A, Voglmayr H (2018) Liberomyces pistaciae sp. nov., the causal agent of pistachio cankers and decline in Italy. MycoKeys 40: 29-51.