Phase contrast (A, C, E, G), fluorescence (B, D, F, H) and confocal (I) microscopic images of Liebetanzomyces polymorphus showing elongate (A–B) and triangular (C–D) sporangium filled with zoospores. Nuclei were seen in sporangium but not in sporangiophore (B) or rhizoidal system (F, H, I). No constrictions were observed in rhizoids. Scanning electron microscopy images of elongate (J) and globose (K) sporangium showing monocentric thallus. Scale bar: 20 µM (A–I); 10 µM (J–K).

  Part of: Joshi A, Lanjekar VB, Dhakephalkar PK, Callaghan TM, Griffith GW, Dagar SS (2018) Liebetanzomyces polymorphus gen. et sp. nov., a new anaerobic fungus (Neocallimastigomycota) isolated from the rumen of a goat. MycoKeys 40: 89-110.