Cytospora lumnitzericola (MFLUCC 17-0508, from culture). a Mangrove collecting site b, c Lumnitzera racemosa in mangroves forest d, e Colonies on MEA after 6 days (left) and 30 days (right) (d-from above, e-from below) f, gConidiomata produced on MEAh, l Transverse sections of conidioma i, j, n Conidiogenous cells with attached conidia k, mConidia. Scale bars: f = 1000 µm, g, h = 500 µm, i, j = 10 µm, k = 5 µm.

  Part of: Norphanphoun C, Raspé O, Jeewon R, Wen T-C, Hyde KD (2018) Morphological and phylogenetic characterisation of novel Cytospora species associated with mangroves. MycoKeys 38: 93-120.