Maximum likelihood majority rule consensus tree based on a combined dataset of ITS, LSU, SSU and tef-1 sequences. Bootstrap support values ≥50% and Bayesian inference (BI) ≥0.9 are given at the nodes. The tree is rooted to Didymella exigua (CBS 183.55). The culture accession numbers are given after the species names. All ex-type strains are in bold. The newly introduced species from this study is in bold red.

  Part of: Senanayake IC, Jeewon R, Camporesi E, Hyde KD, Zeng Y-J, Tian S-L, Xie N (2018) Sulcispora supratumida sp. nov. (Phaeosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales) on Anthoxanthum odoratum from Italy. MycoKeys 38: 35-46.