Geejayessia clavata sexual state (holotype, HMAS 275654): a–c Ascomata on natural substrate d–f colour of perithecium in water (d), 3% KOH (e) and 100% lactic acid (f) g median section through perithecium h–k Asci with ascospores l–o Ascospores. Scale bars: 1 mm (a–c); 100 μm (d–f); 50 μm (g); 10 μm (h–k), 5 μm (l–o).

  Part of: Zeng Z-Q, Zhuang W-Y (2018) Two new species of Geejayessia (Hypocreales) from Asia as evidenced by morphology and multi-gene analyses. MycoKeys 42: 7-19.