Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree generated from analysis of a combined TUB and ACT sequences dataset for 98 taxa of Togniniaceae. Pleurostoma richardsiae (CBS 270.33) and Wuestineaia molokaiensis (CBS 114877) are the outgroup taxa. ML support values greater than 70% (BSML, left) and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.90 (BYPP, right) are indicated above the nodes. The strain numbers are noted after the species names. Ex-type strains are indicated in bold. Isolates from this study are indicated in red.

  Part of: Huang S-K, Jeewon R, Hyde KD, Bhat DJ, Chomnunti P, Wen T-C (2018) Beta-tubulin and Actin gene phylogeny supports Phaeoacremonium ovale as a new species from freshwater habitats in China. MycoKeys 41: 1-15.