Maximum Likelihood (ML) tree constructed with the ITS and LSU sequences of 30 strains representatives of different taxa in the families Dictyosporiaceae and Pleosporaceae. The phylogenetic tree was rooted with Paradendryphiella arenaria and P. salina. Bootstrap support values for ML greater than 70% and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.95 are given near nodes, respectively. Names of species newly described here are indicated in bold. Branch lengths are proportional to distance. T Ex-type strain.

  Part of: Iturrieta-González I, Gené J, Guarro J, Castañeda-Ruiz RF, García D (2018) Neodendryphiella, a novel genus of the Dictyosporiaceae (Pleosporales). MycoKeys 37: 19-38.