Maximum likelihood majority rule consensus tree for the analysed Dictyosporiaceae isolates based on a dataset of combined ITS, LSU and TEF1α sequence data. Bootstrap support values for maximum likelihood (ML) and maximum parsimony (MP) greater than 75% and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.95 are indicated above the nodes as MLBS/MPBS/PP. The scale bar represents the expected number of changes per site. The tree is rooted with Periconia igniaria (CBS 379.86, CBS 845.96). The strain numbers are noted after the species names with ex-type strains indicated with T. The new collections are in bold with new taxa in red. Branches with 100% ML BS, 100% MP BS and 1.0 PP are shown as black nodes. Genera are indicated as coloured blocks.

  Part of: Yang J, Liu JK, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Liu ZY (2018) New species in Dictyosporium, new combinations in Dictyocheirospora and an updated backbone tree for Dictyosporiaceae. MycoKeys 36: 83-105.