Light micrographs of Sporothrix zhejiangensis. a–c Growth on 2% MEA and 2% PDA, 2 weeks after inoculation d Occasionally observed ostiolar hyphae (scale bar, 20 μm) e–f Perithecium (scale bar, 20 μm) g Pesotum-like anamorph, rhizoid, conidiophores, conidiogenous apparatus (scale bar, 20 μm), and conidia (bottom right corner) (scale bar, 10 μm) h, i Reniform ascospores without sheaths (scale bar, 10 μm) j–lSporothrix-like anamorph, conidiophores, and conidia (scale bar, 10 μm).

  Part of: Wang HM, Lun YY, Lu Q, Liu HX, Decock C, Zhang XY (2018) Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with pines infected by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and Monochamus alternatus in China, including three new species. MycoKeys 39: 1-27.