Microscopic structures of Skeletocutis ochroalba (reproduced after Niemelä (1985)). A spores B encrusted tomentum hyphae arising from dense cortical tissue C section through context, showing generative and skeletal hyphae and ramified side-branches resembling binding hyphae D ramified arbuscule-like binding hypha, arising from a generative hypha E dissepiment edge hyphae F cystidioles and basidioles G vertical section through a dissepiment edge, showing trama, hymenium with a hyphal peg and sparsely encrusted dissepiment edge hyphae.

  Part of: Korhonen A, Seelan JSS, Miettinen O (2018) Cryptic species diversity in polypores: Skeletocutis nivea species complex. MycoKeys 36: 45-82. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.36.27002