Phylogenetic relationships of the Xanthoparmelia mexicana group based on a concatenated data set of ITS, mtSSU, nuLSU and MCM7. Topology based on maximum likelihood (ML) analyses. Bootstrap values above 75 and 0.95 posterior probability are indicated on each branch. The clades I, II and III are highlighted in blue, yellow and pink, respectively. Selected specimens representing clades (habit and isidia): I, X. mexicana s. lat. (A, B); II, X.pedregalensis (C, D) and III, X. mexicana s. str. (E, F), a picture of the X. mexicana type specimen from BP is included (G).

  Part of: Barcenas-Peña A, Leavitt SD, Huang J-P, Grewe F, Lumbsch HT (2018) Phylogenetic study and taxonomic revision of the Xanthoparmelia mexicana group, including the description of a new species (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota). MycoKeys 40: 13-28.