nrLSU based phylogram generated from Maximum likelihood (ML) analysis under GTRGAMMA substitution model depicting the placement of Tylopilus neofelleus, T. pseudoballoui and T. himalayanus within Tylopilus s.s. Two species of Xanthoconium (X. sinense and X. purpureum) were used as outgroup taxa. ML Bootstrap percentage (MLB) derived from this analysis (MLB >50%) are shown above or beneath the branches. Two novel species and a new record for Indian mycobiota are highlighted in bold and red font. GenBank accession no. and country name (when available) for each species are shown after the species name.

  Part of: Chakraborty D, Vizzini A, Das K (2018) Two new species and one new record of the genus Tylopilus (Boletaceae) from Indian Himalaya with morphological details and phylogenetic estimations. MycoKeys 33: 103-124.