Ancestral states in Protoparmelioideae: Chronogram based on a six-locus dataset, dataset 2 (Singh et al. 2017), representing a species tree of Protoparmelioideae showing the ancestral states at nodes of interest. The topology is derived from the *BEAST species tree. A consensus tree was generated in TreeAnnotator. The current substrate of each species is indicated by the coloured circles in front of the name of the species. Polymorphic taxa have more than one coloured circle. Nodes at which ancestral states are reconstructed are numbered from 1 to 5. Pie charts indicate probabilities of each ancestor being in each of the two potential states at nodes of interest. The circles above the node represent bootstrap support for each character state and the circles at the bottom represent the posterior probability. A) Ancestral habitat: cold (blue), warm (red) and B) Ancestral substrate: rock (brown), bark (green).

  Part of: Singh G, Dal Grande FD, Schnitzler J, Pfenninger M, Schmitt I (2018) Different diversification histories in tropical and temperate lineages in the ascomycete subfamily Protoparmelioideae (Parmeliaceae). MycoKeys 36: 1-19.