The 50% majority rule Bayesian tree inferred from D1-D2 LSU nrDNA assuming the GTR + I + G model of corticioid fungi included in Table 1. Parsimony bootstrap values (> 50%) maximum likelihood bootstrap values (> 50%) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (> 0.95) are indicated on the branches. Clade V from Wu et al. (2010) is indicated. Taxon name between parentheses indicate specimens with uncertain generic placement. Sequences of the new species described in this paper, H. canariensis, H. gorgonea and H. meloi are in bold. The asterisk (*) after the taxon names denotes type species of the genus.

  Part of: Telleria MT, Dueñas M, Martín MP (2017) The genus Hydnophlebia (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) with description of three new species from the Macaronesian Islands. MycoKeys 27: 39-64.