Morphological features of Orbilia beltraniae. 1 Apothecia rehydrated after 1–2 weeks 2 Excipular tissues in median section 3 Paraphyses 4 Asci 5 Ascospores. Scale bars: 500 µm= 1a–k; 50 µm= 2a; 10 µm= 2b–c, 3a, c, g, 4e, 5a–e; 5 µm= 3b, d–f, 4a–d, 5f; Mounted in: CR= 3b–d, 4b, d, 5d; H2O= 2a–c, 3a, e–g, 4a, c, e, 5a–c, e–g. Photos: TFC Mic. 23771 = 1i–k, 3b–c, 4b, 5a; TFC Mic. 23836 = 1h, 2c, 3d–e, 5b; TFC Mic. 23890 = 1d–e, 4a, 5f; TFC Mic. 23902 = 1f–g, 3a, 4c; TFC Mic. 24231 = 2a, 3g, 5c, g; TFC Mic. 24363 =1c, 2b, 3f, 4d–e, 5d–e; TFC Mic. 24449 = 1a–b.

  Part of: Quijada L, Baral H-O (2017) Orbilia beltraniae, a new succulenticolous species from the Canary Islands. MycoKeys 25: 1-12.