Bayesian 50% majority rule consensus tree based on a concatenated alignment of ITS and LSU sequences of 42 strains of Orbiliaceae(see Table 1). Bold branches were supported by ML bootstrap values ≥75% and BI PP≥0.95. Subgroups within section Arthrobotrys have been recognised by other authors in five different genera according to their asexual states and trapping devices: I Dactylella II Drechslerella III Arthrobotrys IV Dactylellina V Gamsylella. * = name at present not validly published (Baral et al. 2017a).

  Part of: Quijada L, Baral H-O (2017) Orbilia beltraniae, a new succulenticolous species from the Canary Islands. MycoKeys 25: 1-12.