Phylogram generated by maximum likelihood analysis of 5.8S-ITS rDNA sequences. Bootstrap support values for maximum likelihood (in black) greater than 70% and Posterior Probabilities (PP) from Bayesian Inference (in blue) ≥0.95 are given above branches. The tree was rooted with Tomophagus colossus. The strain numbers are mentioned after the species names. Specimens of the newly recorded species are indicated in red and type specimens are indicated in black bold. (Treebase ID 20740)

  Part of: Thawthong A, Hapuarachchi KK, Wen T-C, Raspé O, Thongklang N, Kang J-C, Hyde KD (2017) Ganoderma sichuanense (Ganodermataceae, Polyporales) new to Thailand. MycoKeys 22: 27-43.