Morphology and anatomy of Kalbionora palaeotropica, A–B habit C cross-section through thallus showing cortex and algal layer D cross-section through apothecium showing dark brown hypothecium E hymenium, and F transversely septate ascospores (holotype). Scale bars: 0.5 cm (A, B), 20 µm (C), 0.1 mm (D), 10 µm (E), 5 µm (F).

  Part of: Sodamuk M, Boonpragob K, Mongkolsuk P, Tehler A, Leavitt SD, Thorsten Lumbsch HT (2017) Kalbionora palaeotropica, a new genus and species from coastal forests in Southeast Asia and Australia (Malmideaceae, Ascomycota). MycoKeys 22: 15-25.