Bayesian phylogenetic tree including major lineages of the Holomycota (Liu et al. 2009; syn.: Nucletmycea, Brown et al. 2009), i.e. Fungi, Cryptomycota, and the basal Nucleariida, together with Holomycota sister clades Choanomonada, Ichthyosporea, and Filasterea (Holozoa; Lang et al. 2002). Nephridiophaga species (star) form a clade together with the flagellate fungi, here indicated as Chytridiomycotas.l. The scale indicates expected changes per site. Branch support is given as Bayesian posterior probabilities above 0.95 (black circles) and maximum likelihood resampling values above 90% (white circles). Filled black circles mark support from both methods.

  Part of: Radek R, Wurzbacher C, Gisder S, Nilsson RH, Owerfeldt A, Genersch E, Kirk PM, Voigt K (2017) Morphologic and molecular data help adopting the insect-pathogenic nephridiophagids (Nephridiophagidae) among the early diverging fungal lineages, close to the Chytridiomycota. MycoKeys 25: 31-50.