Phylogeny of the family Pyrenulaceae, based on a two-gene dataset (ITS and nuLSU) and 121 taxa a overview of the entire tree and details of Group 1 b details of Group 2. Most likely tree obtained using MrBayes. Support values are reported above the branches [posterior probability (PP)/bootstrap value (BS)]. Only significant values (higher than 95% PP and higher than 70% BS) are shown. Cyphellophora europaea and Endocarpon pusillum are the out-group taxa.

  Part of: Dou M, Liu S, Li J, Aptroot A, Jia Z (2024) Three new Pyrenula species with 3-septate ascospores with red or orange oil when over-mature (Ascomycota, Pyrenulales, Pyrenulaceae) from China. MycoKeys 102: 107-125.