Pyrenula inspersa (LCUF HN17058) A thallus with apothecia B apothecia and pseudocyphellae C, F–H ascospores at different developmental stages, over-mature ascospores with orange-oil can be seen in C, F and H D section of apothecium E section visualised with polarised light showing cortex of apothecium with crystals, red stars in D–H show the inspersion in hamathecium I–K young ascospores, red arrows show gelatinous halo. Scale bars: 2 mm (A); 1 mm (B); 10 μm (C, I); 200 μm (D, E); 50 μm (F, H); 35 μm (G); 20 μm (J, K).

  Part of: Dou M, Liu S, Li J, Aptroot A, Jia Z (2024) Three new Pyrenula species with 3-septate ascospores with red or orange oil when over-mature (Ascomycota, Pyrenulales, Pyrenulaceae) from China. MycoKeys 102: 107-125.