Montagnula aquilariae (HKAS 126542) a, b ascomata on natural wood surface c vertical section through an ascoma d ostiolar neck e peridium cells at the apex f peridium cells at the side g pseudoparaphyses h–l asci m–r ascospores (see verruculose feature of the ascospore in r) s, t culture characters on PDA (s = above, t = reverse). Scale bars: 100 μm (c, d); 50 μm (e); 10 μm (e–g, m–r); 20 μm (h–l).

  Part of: Wanasinghe DN, Nimalrathna TS, Qin Xian L, Faraj TK, Xu J, Mortimer PE (2024) Taxonomic novelties and global biogeography of Montagnula (Ascomycota, Didymosphaeriaceae). MycoKeys 101: 191-232.