Phylogenetic analysis of SSU, LSU, ITS, tef1-α, and rpb2 of the Montagnula. Species names given in bold are ex-type, ex-epitype and ex-paratype strains. Species names highlighted in blue are generated from this study. Branch support of nodes ≥75% ML BS and ≥0.95 PP is indicated above the branches. The genus Montagnula is depicted within a pale gray box, with new species highlighted in white, and the outgroup indicated by a blue box.

  Part of: Wanasinghe DN, Nimalrathna TS, Qin Xian L, Faraj TK, Xu J, Mortimer PE (2024) Taxonomic novelties and global biogeography of Montagnula (Ascomycota, Didymosphaeriaceae). MycoKeys 101: 191-232.