Relative abundance of fungal leaf-inhabiting endophytes of beech among the five main trophic guilds as revealed by analysis with FUNGuild (Nguyen et al. 2016). A compares the two methods for each trophic guild and unassigned data. B displays the trophic guilds and unassigned taxa for Illumina data, C for cultivation data. Abbreviations in [B and C]: U = Unassigned, P = Pathotrophs, PSa = Patho-Saprotrophs, PSy = Patho-Symbiotrophs, Sa = Saprotrophs, Sy = Symbiotrophs

  Part of: Siddique AB, Khokon AM, Unterseher M (2017) What do we learn from cultures in the omics age? High-throughput sequencing and cultivation of leaf-inhabiting endophytes from beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) revealed complementary community composition but similar correlations with local habitat conditions. MycoKeys 20: 1-16.