One of the most parsimonious trees of Aspergillus sect. Aspergillus based on ITS, CaM, BenA and RPB2. Trees were rooted to A. xerophilus, A. leucocarpus and A. osmophilus. Support in nodes higher than 80% bootstrap values and 0.95 posterior probabilities are shown above thickened branches. New species are shown in bold and colour, while ex-type strains are followed by T.

  Part of: Visagie CM, Yilmaz N, Renaud JB, Sumarah MW, Hubka V, Frisvad JC, Chen AJ, Meijer M, Seifert KA (2017) A survey of xerophilic Aspergillus from indoor environment, including descriptions of two new section Aspergillus species producing eurotium-like sexual states. MycoKeys 19: 1-30.