The new species Upretia zeorina A habitus and lichen thallus B zeorine type apothecia, proper margin raised above disc (arrow) C section of apothecia in Lugol’s iodine (I), hymenium I+ blue, proper margin I- D section of apothecia in lactophenol cotton blue (LCB) E asci in lactophenol cotton blue, with polarilocular ascospores F shortly bacilliform conidia of the new species. Scale bars: 2 mm (A); 1 mm (B); 50 µm (C); 20 µm (D); 10 µm (E, F).

  Part of: Li L, Zhang Y, Printzen C, Wang L, Wang X (2023) The phylogeny and taxonomy of Upretia (Caloplacoideae, Teloschistaceae), reveal three new species from Southwestern China. MycoKeys 100: 233-243.