Phylogenetic tree inferred from a concatenated alignment of SSU and LSU rRNA genes under the GTR+F+R5 model. Branch support is given by SH-aLRT/UFBOOT2/Bayesian posterior probabilities. Black circles indicate support values ≥ 99% or ≥ 0.9 and dashes indicate values < 50% or < 0.5. Black circles at branches show ≥ 99% and ≥ 0.9 support in all analyses. Sequences of the here newly-described species are marked in bold. For the nephridiophagids obtained from the two Lucihormetica species and from Archimandrita tessellata, only the SSU rRNA gene sequence was available for tree inference.

  Part of: Radek R, Wurzbacher C, Strassert JFH (2023) New nephridiophagid genera (Fungi, Chytridiomycota) in a mallow beetle and an earwig. MycoKeys 100: 245-260.