Ciliochorella chinensis (IFRD9468, holotype; IFRDCC3202, ex-type strain) a, b the specimen c surface of fruiting bodies d longitudinal section of the conidioma e peridium f–h mature conidia i mature conidia in cotton blue j, k colonies on PDA (k from below) l, m colonies on PDA (m from below) n fruiting bodies on PDA o fruiting bodies in PDA p peridium q–t mature conidia. Scale bars: 400 µm (c, n, o); 200 µm (d); 40 µm (p); 20µm (e); 10 µm (f–i, q–t).

  Part of: Song J-Y, Wu H-X, Li J-C, Ding W-F, Gong C-L, Zeng X-Y, Wijayawardene NN, Yang D-X (2023) Taxonomy and evolution history of two new litter-decomposing Ciliochorella (Amphisphaeriales, Sporocadaceae). MycoKeys 100: 95-121.