Phylogenetic tree of maximum likelihood analyses showing the relationships of Ciliochorella species based on combined LSU, ITS and tub2 data set analysis. Bootstrap values of maximum likelihood values greater than 50% are shown on the left, while values for Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.5 are shown on the right. Discostroma is the sexual morph of Seimatosporium. New species are shown in bold and red, followed by their strain number.

  Part of: Song J-Y, Wu H-X, Li J-C, Ding W-F, Gong C-L, Zeng X-Y, Wijayawardene NN, Yang D-X (2023) ´╗┐Taxonomy and evolution history of two new litter-decomposing Ciliochorella (Amphisphaeriales, Sporocadaceae). MycoKeys 100: 95-121.