Phylogenetic tree generated from Maximum Likelihood (ML) analysis of the Lecanora subfusca group, emphasising multispored taxa, based on nrITS sequences. SH-aLRT support (%) ≥ 80 / ultrafast bootstrap support (%) ≥ 95 are given above the nodes. Newly-generated sequences are indicated in bold. Phenotypical characters are mapped next to the tree, solid grey rectangles indicate the presence of corresponding features: 1, multispored asci; 2, apothecial amphithecium with large crystals; 3, amphithecium with small crystals; 4, epihymenium without crystals; 5, epihymenium with fine crystals; 6, epihymenium with coarse crystals; 7, thallus with soredia; 8, atranorin; 9, usnic acid; 10, zeorin; 11, stictic acid; 12, norstictic acid.

  Part of: Li L, Zhang Y, Printzen C (2023) Phylogeny, morphology and chemistry reveal two new multispored species in the Lecanora subfusca group (Lecanoraceae, Ascomycota). MycoKeys 99: 25-43.