Cenozosia excorticata sp. nov. A–D photographs of Cenozosia excorticata sp. nov. on cacti needles in the National Park Pan de Azucar and under laboratory conditions E–I different close-ups of thallus sections showing the bright white central strand surrounded by a layer of gray, hyaline coalesced hyphae forming a perforated cortex and chondroid strands that crisscross the medulla. Note that new growth of branches is initiated by the whitish inner strand that breaks through the perforated cortex structures (G, I) J, K apothecia with pink hymenial disc L microscopic cross section through the apothecium with two-celled spores divided by a septum. QR code redirects to 3D scan of Cenozosia excorticata sp. nov. PW: Lichen.

  Part of: Jung P, Werner L, Briegel-Williams L, Emrich D, Lakatos M (2023) Roccellinastrum, Cenozosia and Heterodermia: Ecology and phylogeny of fog lichens and their photobionts from the coastal Atacama Desert. MycoKeys 98: 317-348. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.98.107764