Cenozosia cava sp. nov. A–C photographs of Cenozosia cava sp. nov. on various cacti in the National Park Pan de Azucar D, E close-up of light pink apothecia including microscopic image of the two-celled spore with a septum in D note the tremelloid, gall-like structures across the thalli F close-up of lichen thallus cross section depicting the hollow structure of the thallus, the irregular photobiont nests and the smooth outer cortex structure G–I photographs of various thalli and apothecia. QR code redirects to 3D scan of Cenozosia cava sp. nov. PW: Lichen.

  Part of: Jung P, Werner L, Briegel-Williams L, Emrich D, Lakatos M (2023) Roccellinastrum, Cenozosia and Heterodermia: Ecology and phylogeny of fog lichens and their photobionts from the coastal Atacama Desert. MycoKeys 98: 317-348. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.98.107764