Heterodermia adunca sp. nov. A–C photographs of Heterodermia adunca sp. nov. on fine soil in the National Park Pan de Azucar D thallus fragments with black cilia and whitish ventral thallus parts forming a rim without lower cortex E terminal wrapped thallus part with blackish cilia F, G photographs H detail of thallus cross section with photobiont layer showing the curved upper cortex that forms a rim where the white medulla is without a lower cortex I, J terminal thallus parts with the typical wrapped ends. QR code redirects to 3D scan of Heterodermia adunca sp. nov. PW: Lichen.

  Part of: Jung P, Werner L, Briegel-Williams L, Emrich D, Lakatos M (2023) Roccellinastrum, Cenozosia and Heterodermia: Ecology and phylogeny of fog lichens and their photobionts from the coastal Atacama Desert. MycoKeys 98: 317-348. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.98.107764