Phylogenetic tree of Maximum Likelihood analyses of 86 isolates in the C. gloeosporioides species complex. The species C. boninense (CBS 123755) was selected as an outgroup. The tree was built using concatenated sequences of ACT, CHS-1, GAPDH, ITS and TUB2 genes. RAxML bootstrap support values (ML ≥ 50%), Bayesian posterior probability (PP ≥ 0.90) and MP bootstrap support values (ML ≥ 50%) are shown at the nodes (ML/PP/MP).

  Part of: Zhang L, Yin Y-Q, Zhao L-L, Xie Y-Q, Han J, Zhang Y (2023) Two new species of Colletotrichum (Glomerellaceae, Glomerellales) causing walnut anthracnose in Beijing. MycoKeys 99: 131-152.