Phylogeny derived from a maximum likelihood (ML) analysis of the nrDNA-ITS sequences from Hydnotrya species, using Gyromitra esculenta and G. infula as outgroup. Values next to nodes reflect, maximum likelihood bootstrap support values (BS), left, and Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP), right. Names of novel species and samples with newly generated sequences in bold. Symbols by taxon names indicate specific fruiting body types, the arrangement of the ascospores in the ascus and ascospore appearance.

  Part of: Li L, Wan S-P, Wang Y, Thongklang N, Tang S-M, Luo Z-L, Li S-H (2023) New species of Hydnotrya (Ascomycota, Pezizomycetes) from southwestern China with notes on morphological characteristics of 17 species of Hydnotrya. MycoKeys 100: 49-67.